"Jill is a trusted advisor with proven results. Her knowledge, skills, patience, and dedication have been my family's strongest tools during the difficult process of college planning.  She has helped us to look at colleges for our son not just as ‘where can he get in’ but more importantly as ‘what is the right school'- identifying where he can academically and socially succeed. Additionally, Jill has been a great resource for our son, interacting with him through all steps of the process. Working with Jill has been like having a college expert live in my house!!"                                                                                                                                           -K.S.


"Jill has been an invaluable resource and partner in our college preparation process. She has helped us navigate the day-to-day tasks while keeping an eye on our longer-term objectives and timeline. Most importantly, Jill understands that regardless of statistics and test scores, what really matters is that indescribable “fit” for the prospective college student. She has been our in-house researcher, our voice of reason and reality, our safety net, and my daughter’s biggest supporter. We are so glad we didn’t have to tackle this once-in-a-lifetime endeavor alone!"                                                                                                       -D.P.


"Jill is a master essay coach and editor. Her expertise and years of experience are evident. Not only does she have a deep understanding of what individual colleges are looking for, she adeptly pulled out and refined compelling subject matter from my son, allowing him to express a unique voice when he thought he didn’t have one. I fully believe her skillful essay guidance was a huge factor in his acceptances. I will be using Jill’s services for the rest of my children."                                    -J.S.

"Working with Jill was invaluable. She is an expert on all fronts. She made an intimidating and often confusing process smooth and enjoyable. She built a great rapport with my daughter, who always looked forward to their meetings. My daughter was especially stressed about writing her essays, but Jill put her at ease. My daughter became incredibly confident in her work, highly appreciating the critical insight she gained from Jill’s direction."                                                      -M.G.

   The decision to attend college is an exciting one. Finding the right fit and navigating the competitive, changing landscape of college admissions are serious undertakings, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic. Requirements vary tremendously across schools. Application elements and platforms are numerous and in constant flux. Sifting through the endless streams of information (and misinformation) to determine what is personally relevant and identifying the potential suitable pathways that exist within the thousands of institutions of higher education can be daunting tasks. 

   I offer expert insight and answers to the many questions that arise, while keeping up-to-date on the latest admission developments and news. I embrace students' genuine abilities and talents, empowering them to discover appropriate colleges where their true selves will thrive and shine. With my assistance, my clients use their time productively and feel secure in their decisions. Sensitive to the unique needs of each student, I am available through every step of the process providing tailored guidance, organization, and support. My clients turn to me for my experience, knowledge, and personalized approach.                                  


Jill Siegel, MD, EdM

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